Students Become Teachers

At ATTN! we pair teachers and schools in the refugee communities of Cairo, Egypt, and Africa with internationally qualified instructors, teaching supplies, and community. Our courses and certificates are designed to help you, a teacher, reach your students and help them connect with the world around them, their own culture, and modern economies.

The teachers who graduate from ATTN! are students, because they need to be students in order to teach. Our graduates are also teachers, with passion and purpose driving them to teach within the diverse communities that make Africa a wonderful place.

Certificates Offered

Most classes award an individual class certificate upon completion. This allows maximum flexibility for students who are also busy teachers. We also have 3 certificate programs:

1) Kindergarten Through Grade 6 – Mathematics

2) Kindergarten Through Grade 2 – English Language Instruction

3) Grade 3 Through Grade 7 – English Language Instruction


Students in the certificate programs take content classes as well as general teaching courses. Each program will take 1 ½ – 2 years to complete.

Tuition Costs

Students at ATTN! pay the very low costs of 50 to 100 Egyptian pounds (LE) for each class. For select students, there are additional scholarships available to reduce the burden of tuition and help them attend classes and improve their teaching skills.

If you might need tuition assistance, please mention it in the contact form below.

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