Donating to ATTN!

Donations to ATTN! are used first for ATTN! classes. Any extra supplies and materials are given to students in the context of a class so that they can learn to use them before they take them. This helps ensure that the supplies are not wasted. Occasionally books and materials will be supplied to the administration of a refugee school. For example, ATTN! gives book donations to help school set up libraries. The school also gives teacher training materials to administrators. Please consider giving to ATTN! so that we can help local refugee schools.


ATTN! Scholarship fund

Many ATTN! students come from refugee communities where work is hard to find. They spend a significant part of their income on transportation to get to classes. Class fees are low, but many students still need partial or full scholarships in order to attend classes. Please consider giving to ATTN! scholarships to help current and aspiring teachers.

Tax Status

We are currently working on the process for recognition as a tax-exempt organization in various countries. We will update this website as the process goes forward. But always remember to discuss any gifts with a tax professional in your country if tax write-offs are part of your motive for giving.

We are not currently a 501(c)3 organization in the United States, but we will update this page when we are.